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Fleet owners can get visibility and control of spend from home or the road.

Design System
Discovery Phase


Designing and developing the Card & Fleet product for Mudflap posed several challenges that required careful consideration and strategic planning. One of the primary challenges was to seamlessly merge the existing user base from the Mudflap app into the new fleet product. Ensuring a smooth transition and onboarding process for both new and existing users required comprehensive user experience research and interface design. Additionally, creating a robust and centralized platform for fleet management introduced challenges in terms of data integration, transaction tracking, and generating accurate reports like IFTA reports. Another significant challenge was implementing the Mudflap Visa card product and integrating it with the fleet management system, as it involved collaborating with financial institutions, implementing secure payment gateways, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Lastly, integrating the PLAID API to facilitate bank account verification, transaction analysis, and lending asset verification required technical expertise and seamless integration.


To address the challenges faced by Mudflap in designing the Card & Fleet product, a comprehensive approach was adopted. The design and development process began with in-depth user research and feedback analysis to understand the needs and pain points of the existing user base. The product was designed with a seamless onboarding process to leverage the existing user base's familiarity with the Mudflap app. The centralized fleet management platform was developed to provide fleet managers with complete control over their operations, including tracking drivers' locations, monitoring fueling stops, generating IFTA reports, and managing financial transactions. The introduction of the Mudflap Visa card product aimed to provide additional cost savings and rewards for fleet owners, while the integration of the PLAID API facilitated efficient verification and analysis of financial data.


The Card & Fleet product developed for Mudflap has yielded significant results and added value to their business. The seamless integration of the existing user base from the Mudflap app into the fleet product resulted in a smooth transition and onboarded a large number of users onto the new platform. Fleet managers using the product have experienced increased efficiency and control over their operations through centralized transaction management, driver tracking, and the ability to generate accurate IFTA reports. The introduction of the Mudflap Visa card product has provided additional cost savings on fuel and rewards, further incentivizing fleet owners to utilize the product.

The integration of the PLAID API has streamlined financial operations, enabling efficient bank account verification, transaction analysis, and lending asset verification. The transition to ACH transactions for all truckers has resulted in substantial cost savings for Mudflap, as it eliminates the need for individual transaction fees. Additionally, fleet owners can track their savings through the spending chart, providing transparency and insights into their cost management.

Overall, the Card & Fleet product has been successful in fulfilling Mudflap's objectives of offering a competitive product for fleets and leveraging their existing user base. The product has enhanced fleet management capabilities, provided cost savings through the Mudflap Visa card, and streamlined financial operations with the integration of the PLAID API. The results have positively impacted Mudflap's business and positioned them as a leading solution provider for truck fleet management.