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Watch weddings by venue, location, style, religion, culture, and more to get ideas and find pros for your wedding.

Design System
Discovery Phase


Taking on the task of designing and scaling the LovestoriesTV platform from scratch presented several challenges that required careful consideration and a strategic approach. The old platform built on WordPress suffered from slow upload speeds, poor user experience (UX), and user interface (UI) design. The absence of a design system further exacerbated these issues, leading to a declining user experience. The first challenge was to understand the current structure of the platform through a thorough discovery phase, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. Additionally, designing a new experience that would address these challenges and provide a seamless user journey for both wedding videographers and engaged couples required a comprehensive understanding of their needs and expectations. Building a robust UI experience that could handle large video uploads and showcase the videographers' work effectively was another challenge. Lastly, integrating a new feature for videographers to participate in contests and win cash prizes while earning award badges required careful implementation and consideration of user engagement and competition dynamics.


The design and scaling of the LovestoriesTV platform involved a methodical approach to address the challenges faced by the previous version. The process began with a discovery phase, where the existing platform's structure and pain points were thoroughly analyzed. This provided insights into areas that needed improvement and guided the subsequent design decisions. Wireframing the new experience helped outline the user flow and interface elements to ensure a more intuitive and enjoyable experience. A core UI experience was then built, focusing on speed, ease of use, and improved aesthetics. The platform was designed to allow wedding videographers to upload their videos and create business pages to showcase their work. For engaged couples seeking inspiration for their wedding, the platform provided an immersive and inspiring experience. The videographers could tag all vendors involved in a wedding, enabling couples to easily contact and connect with their preferred vendors or videographers. The new feature of participating in contests and winning cash prizes and award badges added a competitive element and further engaged videographers.


The results of the redesigned LovestoriesTV platform have been highly successful, overcoming the challenges faced by the old version and delivering a vastly improved user experience. The new platform addressed the slow upload speeds and poor UX/UI issues, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable experience for both wedding videographers and engaged couples. Videographers experienced enhanced efficiency and satisfaction when uploading their videos, while engaged couples found the platform to be a valuable resource for wedding inspiration and connecting with vendors.

The introduction of the contest and awards feature brought a new level of engagement and excitement to the platform, encouraging videographers to participate, showcase their talents, and potentially win cash prizes and award badges. This feature not only increased user engagement but also fostered a sense of community and healthy competition among videographers.

Overall, the redesigned LovestoriesTV platform successfully achieved its goal of providing a modern, user-friendly, and inspiring experience for wedding videographers and engaged couples. The seamless upload experience, efficient vendor tagging system, and the addition of the contest and awards feature have significantly enhanced the platform's value proposition. The new platform has attracted more users, increased engagement, and positioned LovestoriesTV as a leading platform in the wedding videography industry.