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Lastgram on IOS — Scheduled and send messages after you passed on.

Design System
Discovery Phase


Taking on the Lastgram app project presented unique challenges due to its sensitive nature and emotional context. One of the main challenges was addressing the delicate topic of end-of-life communication and ensuring that the app provided a comforting and meaningful experience for users. Another challenge was creating a secure platform for storing and sharing sensitive information such as video and audio messages and important documents like wills. Designing the app in a way that felt personal and emotionally resonant while maintaining a user-friendly interface was also a significant challenge. Balancing the need for the app to evoke emotions and provide a cathartic experience with the potential for overwhelming users was a critical consideration.


To address the challenges associated with the Lastgram app, a thoughtful and empathetic approach was adopted. The project began by refreshing the brand and identity to establish a visual representation that aligned with the app's purpose. A discovery phase was conducted to understand the main features of the app, their pros and cons, and to prioritize the core user experience. The user interface (UI) design was developed with careful consideration of the look and feel, ensuring it evoked a personal and emotional connection. The design process also focused on providing users with ample time and crafting opportunities to create meaningful stories and messages for their loved ones. In terms of security, robust measures were implemented to protect users' sensitive information and ensure privacy and confidentiality.


The results of the Lastgram app project have been impactful, providing a unique and valuable platform for end-of-life communication. By addressing the sensitive nature of the topic with empathy and care, the app has successfully provided users with a comforting and meaningful experience. The refreshed brand and identity have resonated with users, establishing a strong emotional connection. The discovery phase helped identify and prioritize the key features, ensuring a streamlined user experience. The UI design successfully balances a personal and emotional feel while maintaining usability and ease of use.

The app's ability to store and share video and audio messages, along with important documents like wills, has provided users with peace of mind and a sense of control over their personal affairs. The emphasis on storytelling and crafting meaningful messages has allowed users to leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones. The app's security measures have instilled trust and confidence in users, assuring the privacy and confidentiality of their sensitive information.

Overall, the Lastgram app has successfully addressed the challenges associated with end-of-life communication, providing a personal, emotional, and secure platform for users. The app's positive impact on users and their ability to create and share meaningful messages and documents has solidified its value proposition. Lastgram has become a trusted and comforting resource for users, enhancing their end-of-life planning and leaving a lasting impact on their loved ones.