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In Real Life


Do more together. Your place to discover groups and events.

Design System
Discovery Phase


Being part of the In Real Life App Prototyping Sprint presented several challenges that needed to be addressed. The primary challenge was the high churn rate of users due to the quality of interactions on the group channels. The app aimed to connect users based on shared interests, such as food, sports, news, and music. However, the lack of meaningful conversations and engagement within these groups hindered user retention. The task at hand was to find a solution to enhance user interaction and encourage users to actively participate in conversations. Additionally, incorporating emojis into the design to create multiple different prototypes added complexity, as it required striking a balance between visual appeal, usability, and conveying emotions effectively.


To tackle the challenges faced by In Real Life, my approach focused on enhancing user engagement and providing a visually appealing and intuitive interface. I started by analyzing user feedback and conducting research to understand their preferences and pain points. Based on this information, I designed multiple prototypes that showcased different experiences for the users. To address the lack of meaningful conversation, I introduced a polling feature that allowed users to create and participate in polls related to their shared interests. This feature provided a platform for users to express their opinions and engage in discussions based on the poll results. Additionally, I leveraged emojis in the design to enhance the user experience. Emojis have become a universal language for expressing emotions, and incorporating them into the interface helped users convey their feelings more effectively.


The results of the In Real Life App Prototyping Sprint were highly positive and impactful. By incorporating the polling feature and leveraging emojis in the design, the user engagement within the group channels significantly improved. Users found the polls to be interactive and engaging, fostering meaningful conversations and generating more interest within the groups. The incorporation of emojis added a touch of fun and personalization to the user experience, making it easier for users to express themselves and connect with others.

The prototypes created during the sprint received positive feedback from both existing and new users. The improved user engagement resulted in a decrease in churn rate, indicating higher user satisfaction and longer app retention. The In Real Life app gained traction and attracted new users who were drawn to the enhanced interaction and engaging features. The successful implementation of the prototypes led to increased user acquisition and solidified In Real Life's position as a platform that fosters meaningful connections based on shared interests.

Overall, the app prototyping sprint was instrumental in addressing the challenges faced by In Real Life. By creating prototypes that showcased enhanced user interaction through polls and leveraging emojis to facilitate expression, the app experienced positive results, leading to improved user engagement, reduced churn, and increased user acquisition.